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Soap Stone Pot/ Kalchatti Kerala Style from Green Heirloom

Soap Stone Pot / Kalchatti Kerala Style

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2 Liters pre - seasoned 

Soapstone is dense and absorbs heat slowly, but once heated, it stays warm for a long time. Soapstone is also porous. So once your food cools, the soapstone keeps it cooler still by letting the cool air in through its pores. This makes refrigeration unnecessary unless it’s peak summer and it’s hot and humid. In normal temperatures, you can just store your food in your kalchatti and it’ll remain good even after several hours.The beauty of soapstone is that it can be used directly over flame, over coals, over fire and also on toaster grills and in the oven. You can cook with them over various mediums without worrying that they’ll break or melt.Besides, it is also rich in magnesium, a vital mineral that is obtained from foods like legumes, pumpkin seeds, tofu, whole grains and dark chocolate.
Our soapstone cookware is handcrafted by traditional artisans.