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Blackened Clay Pot
Blackened Clay Pot from Green Heirloom
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Blackened Clay Pot

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Size :- 10 Inches

Slight variations in colours and textures are inevitable and must not be perceived as a flaw.

In the olden times, people in rural India  used to cook in clay pots or  handi, which was healthy and flavoursome. Earthenware had always been an intrinsic part of Indian households and Ayurveda suggests cooking in clay pot.

Why Deep Burned/Blackened clay pots?

Deep Burned Clay pots are made using a very old traditional pottery technique. A normal red clay pot is kilned once, but deep burned pots are put in the Kiln twice.. The second time, potters bake the pots stacked together with wood and sawdust at a high temperature. This blackens the pots and also makes it very strong and durable. Deep Burned Pots can withstand very high temperature and last longer.

 Our products are  handmade so slight variation from the images are expected.



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